Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 2: Hong Kong Disneyland!

The Experience was truly Magical.
Yipee! The day hubby and I were able to live our childhood dreams. Just imagine that! Awesome.

Everyone was  really excited. We all woke up early, looking forward to a day of fun, bonding, adventure and perhaps even fatigue. :-)

But before anything else, we had our brunch at Cafe de Coral Restaurant near Canton Road. We wouldn't want to starve ourselves to death naman right? Hahaha. 
Cafe de Coral Restaurant.
Mukhang turista na sana. Sablay lang ang bag. Hahaha.
Inside the Train to Disneyland!

Picture! Picture! muna.

Yey! Finally!

Mickey Mouse Surfing on top of the Whale!

Ayaw paawat sa picture :-)
Disney on Parade!
Mickey and Minnie!
My Katukayo.
The Whole Cast.
Castle before Fireworks.
I will definitely come back! It was worth waiting for. :-)
Walang kapaguran basta picture :-)
Two types of 1-Day ticket are available at  Hong Kong DisneyLAND. 

Ticket Type
Standard Day Ticket
Designated Day Ticket
General Admission Ticket
(aged 12-64)
HK $399
HK $399
Child Ticket
(aged 3-11)
HK $285
HK $285
Senior Ticket
(aged 65 or above)
HK $100
HK $100
Admission Valid Days
Standard Day Ticket is valid on all days during validity period, except Designated Days.
Designated Day Ticket is date-stamped and valid only on that specified date.

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