Friday, June 15, 2012

My Top 8 Dream Travel Destinations

I envy those people who can afford to travel as much as they can.

Pity me, I have just travelled to a few countries and I am already nearing 30.

And whenever we watch shows on TLC, it makes me more envious. LOL.

I bet we all have our dream destinations, places we want to go to before we die.
Places that attract us the most.
This subject is actually quite popular among bloggers out there which I often stumbled upon.

Here's my list in no particular order.

1. Paris, France

Photo credit: Louvre at Night
Photo Credit: Eiffel Tower at Night
2. Santorini, Greece

Breathtakingly Awesome. Photo Credit:Santorini
3. Amanpulo Resorts, Philippines

Oh lala. Photo Credit:Amanpulo
4. Los Angeles, USA
Yes, hubby and I are fans of Los Angeles Lakers. Yeah, baby!

Staples Center.
5. Boracay, Philippines
Yeah, I know, right. ;p

White Beach. White Sand. Paradise.
6. Venice, Italy

I can feel the romance just by looking at this photo. :-) Photo Credit:Venice
7. Jeju Island, South Korea
Hopefully, our plan to visit later this year for our overdue honeymoon will push through.Yay!

Love it. Can't wait. ;p
Feels like heaven. 
8. New York, USA

Statue of Liberty
Now, you might be surprised why 8.
8 is not just a number for us. It is full of memories.
I said the much-awaited "yes" (ehem) to my hubby during our dating stage on the 8th of April.
We got married here in Singapore on the 8th of January.
We had our church wedding on the 8th of October.
That's just 3 of the memorable occassions which happened on the 8th.
The endless list just goes on.

Care to share what is/are your dream travel destination/s? :-)